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Infusing Digital CX with Human Intelligence

Tuesday Mar 24, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT — LISTEN TO RECORDING

A positive customer experience is critical to your business’ success. Companies believe they can easily turn to bots and AI as the cure for stretched customer care. However, even with all the new technology available in the customer service and CX world, we still can’t replace people. This is the key - a blend of technology and humanity.

Often, AI and the human touch are seen as working against each other. During this session, we explore how to solve the complex CX equation by nurturing memorable, emotion-driven human interactions and enriching them with the fact-based, fast-processing rationale of AI, bots and analytics.



Dave Hoekstra, WFM Evangelist, Calabrio

Calabrio.Dave-Hoekstra Dave Hoekstra, WFM Evangelist, Calabrio

Dave has been around contact centers since the beginning of his adult life. Starting as an agent in the late 90s, Dave meandered his way through the career path of a typical call-center lifer, eventually ending up in the WFM department. With 20+ years of experience in WFM, Dave is now a thought-provoking speaker, engaging fellow WFM converts in discussing topics of the day relating to contact centers and workforce management.