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CH Consulting Group - Christa Heibel Christa Heibel, CEO, CH Consulting Group

Christa is known as an influencer and C-suite business growth and strategy expert. She has worked in the call center industry since 1992 serving in nearly every position from telemarketer to CEO. Christa’s breadth of knowledge and experience includes contact center services, customer experience, integrated sales, business development, technology, infrastructure and automation.Christa has grown and guided numerous call center operations to success, resulting in leading struggling operations back to profitability or driving successful growth strategy initiatives for investment operations.  She has launched over 15 successful new operations ranging in first-year annual revenues of $3M – $25M and worked across multiple sectors including finance/ banking, insurance, e-commerce/retail, and healthcare supporting clients from regional banks to national banks to international credit cards companies. Christa has been a key driver in the design, development, and deployment of several $30M – $100M annual corporate and political call center programs.