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Game On! Using Games to Engage, Motivate, and Teach - C3 Softworks

Thursday Jun 18, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT — LISTEN TO RECORDING

In this session, we will explore the power and effectiveness of gamification in both Instructor-led training (remote or live) as well as self-paced e-Learning. We will review best practices on how to uncover knowledge gaps, motivate your students for success, and create teachable moments. Then you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a live game and see firsthand how to engage ALL age groups from Boomers to Gen Z while driving content retention.


Paul Keller, Training Specialist, C3 Softworks

C3 Softworks-Paul-Keller Paul Keller, Training Specialist, C3 Softworks

Paul has over 20 years of experience working with corporate trainers and educators helping them engage their trainees and increase retention through the use of games. He has helped clients like 3M, Milwaukee Tool, MasterCard and Best Buy strategize on the best use of gamification and why interactive training is vital to overall success of learning.

John Aurentz, Training Specialist, C3 Softworks

C3 Softworks_John_Aurentz John Aurentz, Training Specialist, C3 Softworks

John is a long time educator, who has worked here in the US as well as internationally for several years helping businesses, governments, and healthcare groups enhance their communication and boost heir daily engagement. His clients have relied on him to help navigate their training into the virtual landscape and improve connectivity between educators and students alike.