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Optimizing Agent Performance and Outcomes in the New Reality - CallMiner

Wednesday Jun 17, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT — LISTEN TO RECORDING

The C19 crisis is finding your contact center team members, whether centralized or working from home, handling an overwhelming volume of high anxiety calls from existing or potential customers, eager to learn or obtain the products/services you provide. Clearly satisfaction and loyalty drivers are now influenced by more rapidly changing events, emotional repercussions and the unexpected. Do you have the tools and best practices in place to help your Agents, QA Team and Coaches to assess, address the stress and coach to improve these interactions?

Join this session to learn how organizations can leverage Automated Agent Performance Feedback Tools and best practices to dynamically provide meaningful, coachable insights in times of both crisis and business normalcy to achieve improved employee and customer experiences.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to evaluate agents’ call crisis handling skills
  • How agent behaviors shape your customer’s brand perception
  • How to gather critical insights your QA team and coaches need to guide agents when everyone is working from home
  • Considerations in agent KPI expectations in their new “work at home” environment
  • How to convert “frontline” intelligence into actionable CX strategies
  • Presenter:

    Brian LaRoche, Director, CallMiner

    CallMiner.Brian LaRoche Brian LaRoche, Director, CallMiner

    Brian has a long-standing comprehension of Call Center operations as in the course of his career he not only designed and marketed the full gamut of call center technologies, he ran a multisite sales, customer service and lead development Call Center operation. Recently named to the CCW Advisory Board, LaRoche is responsible for outbound marketing activity at CallMiner including Webinar Development/Production and Event Management. He is also the host and moderator of CallMiner’s popular Monthly Education Webinar series and is a frequent blogger, podcaster, guest speaker and author on speech analytics, technical, collections, sales, customer experience and leadership topics.