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Best Practices and Technologies to Coach, Train and Engage Your Agent Community

Tuesday Jun 8, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT — Sign Up For Events!

In the age of remote work, most of the focus has been paid to how agents – especially those who have never worked remotely before – are adapting. But agents aren’t the only people who have had to navigate this new reality. Supervisors have had to completely change the way they work in the contact center, so it’s critical that they have the tools and best practices necessary to navigate the new remote world. This will position them to empower their teams, drive value and improve business performance.

Join us for an overview of the best approaches, practices and technologies for Contact Center Coaches, Supervisors and Quality Assurance professionals to optimize agent performance and engagement regardless of whether their agents communities are centrally located, remote based on somewhere in between.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • The ideal coaching style to elicit sustained optimal performance from your agents
  • The EX of CX: Addressing Your Agents’ Remote Challenges
  • The payoff for improved employee engagement
  • The value of a consistent real-time performance feedback
  • Presenter:

    Brian LaRoche, Director of Outreach Marketing, CallMiner

    CallMiner.Brian LaRoche Brian LaRoche, Director of Outreach Marketing, CallMiner

    Brian is responsible for direct and channel outbound marketing programs for CallMiner. In addition to his marketing responsibilities he is the host and moderator of CallMiner’s popular Monthly Education Webinar series. LaRoche, a call center industry veteran, is a frequent guest speaker, panelist and guest columnist on a number of technical, collections, sales, customer service and leadership topics related to the analytics field.