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Better Customer Outcomes: How Focusing on These Things will Lead to Better Agents, and Happier Customers

Thursday Jun 10, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT — Sign Up For Events

Improving the performance of service and sales teams can be difficult, and demonstrating the impact of training, coaching and agent engagement to your business even more so! Limited time, limited insight, and masses of siloed data all contribute to the problem. So, how can you overcome these challenges? What should you focus on next?

In this interactive presentation, CEO of EvaluAgent, Jaime Scott will present guidance on overcoming the challenges holding teams back. Leaning on over 25 years of experience running global Quality Assurance teams and directing multi-site operations, Jaime will share top-tips on how to take a data-driven approach to coaching that leads to higher CSAT scores, happier customers and lower costs.


Jaime Scott, CEO, EvaluAgent

Evaluagent - Jaime Scott Jaime Scott, CEO, EvaluAgent

CEO of EvaluAgent, Jaime Scott, leads the team on their mission to fix Quality Assurance and help operational leaders improve the performance of front-line teams. With 25 years background in Customer Experience improvement, Jaime’s career has seen him run global Quality Assurance teams and direct multi-national operations for some of the world’s most famous brands, including Barclays, Marks and Spencer, EE and Vertex, before co-founding EvaluAgent in 2012. Using real-world examples, past experiences and sharing his own hard-earned learnings, Jaime’s interactive presentations leave audiences with practical takeaways that can be used to deliver tangible improvements across the Contact Centre.