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Techniques for Driving Employee Engagement

Monday Jun 7, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT — Sign Up for the Events!

In the wake of the contact center’s shift to work-from-home and hybrid models, organizations are more concerned than ever about employee engagement. In this session, we will lead an open discussion with the audience about techniques for driving engagement, taking into account both traditional engagement techniques that are just as effective in our "new reality" and new techniques that have become more relevant given the physical separation of agents from their contact center locations and teams. Specifically, we will cover trends in training, coaching, behavior incentives, employee scheduling preferences, and tools for achieving work-life balance.


Adam Aftergut, Product Marketing Manager, NICE

NICE - Adam Aftergut Adam Aftergut, Product Marketing Manager, NICE

A product marketing manager on the WFO team, Adam has over 9 years of experience in the enterprise software industry. Adam is responsible for product marketing strategy and sales enablement in connection with select current and new WFO product categories.

Yitzy Tannenbaum, Head of Product Marketing, NICE

NICE - Yitzy Tannenbaum Yitzy Tannenbaum, Head of Product Marketing, NICE

NICE Performance Management (NPM)