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The Human Side of AI - Coaching and Empowering Agents for CX Success

Wednesday Jun 9, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT — Sign Up For Events

Spiderman has his spidey sense, Wonder Woman has her lasso of truth, and your contact centers agents have… artificial intelligence? Leveraging AI in your coaching and training can transform your team into superagents, unleashing their full potential and empowering them to deliver the most exceptional customer experiences. Many contact center leaders hear “AI” and automatically think of virtual agents and chatbots - but that’s barely even scratching the surface. What about agent coaching?!

As organizations embark on their AI journey, it is critical they consider the human side of AI and it’s potential to improve the performance of their most valuable resource– their agents!

During this live discussion, you will hear tips and tricks to applying AI in the contact center, ideas for using AI in the context of coaching and training, and much more. Whether you’re an AI newbie or part-robot, we promise you’ll walk away with new ideas you can apply in your contact center today. 


Lauren Comer, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, NICE inContact

NICE inContact.Lauren Comer Lauren Comer, NICE inContact

Lauren is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with NICE inContact, focusing on Workforce Optimization. Prior to her role in marketing, Lauren spent time with NICE inContact in Sales Engineering and Business Consulting. She previously led customer service and sales teams at Monsanto and Bank of America, gaining real-world contact center insights and perspective on how NICE inContact can help organizations create meaningful customer experiences.

Andrew Neff, Technology Leader in Customer Service and CX

Startek - Andrew Neff Andrew Neff, Technology Leader in Customer Service and CX

Andrew is known for his experience leading both software and technologies that elevate customer service and experience. He has won multiple industry awards and recognitions in this sector over the years and worked with multiple companies. @AndrewinContact

Andrew is currently Director of Digital Experience and Social Media for Startek, an NYSE public company with over 40,000 employees in 13 countries. It runs multi-channel digital customer service and CX contact centers for over 150 companies with solutions that combine experienced service agents empowered by technology.