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NICE Systems.Nathan Stearns Nathan Stearns, Vice President, WFO Product Strategy at NICE Systems

Nathan Stearns has been with NICE Systems for 21 years, which includes his tenure at IEX. With IEX and NICE, he has served as lead Consultant, Director of Training Services, VP of WFM Business Solutions Group, and VP of WFM Product Management. In his current role at NICE,  he helps craft the strategy for the NICE WFO line of business, which includes WFM, NPM, QM, ICM, and the Back Office suite of solutions.

Nathan has participated in the procurement, implementation, and operation of workforce management systems, intelligent network routers, reporting platforms, third party system integrations, and skill-based ACDs. He is a frequent speaker and writer on the subject of multi-site, multi-skilled, omni-channel contact center optimization. He meets frequently with customers and prospects to understand industry trends and business needs.