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Keynote - Once Upon a Time in a Land Called Brilliance

Monday Nov 2, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT — Recording

Everyone’s motivation is different. What motivates you, does not necessarily motivate others.  Often, spouting facts alone just doesn’t work.  Why?  People don’t feel facts.  When you tell a story to your audience, whether in your personal or business life, the point you want to get through will be remembered.

Telling a story compels your audience to listen, hear what you say, and find where their own EMOTIONAL NEED matches yours. When this happens, your message will be clearly understood. And, you will be on your way to transform your office to attain the highest and most significant results.

During this hour you will understand how to:
  • Create an authentic picture with words that grab your listener
  • Help your audience understand and internalize the importance of what you say... and how to act

The Story combined with Facts is brilliance and communication at its finest. 


Judy McKee, McKee Consulting, LLC

McKee.Judy Judy McKee, McKee Consulting, LLC

Judy is a nationally known motivational speaker, seminar leader, sales trainer, and author. Her personal philosophy on motivation through education and commitment shines clearly throughout her presentations. She began her career as a telephone sales rep and knows the business thoroughly. Through trial and error, she has learned what works and what doesn't work. With her roots in real estate sales, management, and training, Judy branched out into motivational speaking and training for salespeople in many different business fields and has been continually involved in this effort for the past 40 years. Her training seminars groom contact center professionals to be absolutely great at what they do, because she works the human side of the sales interaction equation.

Ms. McKee is the author of The Sales Survival Guide, a handbook for daily motivation and activity planning; Scriptwriting for Effective Telemarketing; Maximizing Customer Contact - How to Turn Customer Service Representatives Into Sales Achievers, The Positive Coach Approach which was written with her daughter Sally Cordova. Her most recent book is LAMA LESSONS and it can be found on AMAZON. She is about to publish her new book, “Please Proceed to the Highlighted Route” about training Philosophy and Technique.

Sally Cordova, McKee Consulting, LLC

McKee.Sally Sally Cordova, McKee Consulting, LLC

Sally is a Partner, Author, and Lead Trainer with The LAMA Training by McKee Consulting. Her personal philosophy of education and commitment through positive expression comes clearly throughout her Training Programs. Sally brings 40 years of experience with her into every class, 25 years’ experience in the retail food industry and 15 years with McKee Consulting. She has developed the “perfect storm” for her approach to management, training, and coaching. With a positive attitude and a great story, she can be counted on to deliver information and training in a way that will be both memorable and practical. Sally strongly believes that effective communication is the most important ingredient to the success in every aspect of business.