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Re-Imagine your Scheduling Process to be Agile

Tuesday Nov 3, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT — Recording

We have seen what the pandemic can do to the forecasting and scheduling processes, creating disruption in forecast accuracy and turning the schedule generation into a guessing game. While some companies are normalizing to pre pandemic levels we now know that we need more agile and adaptable solutions that can immediately react to change. 

This session will focus on how you can use simulations and automation to create a workforce environment where the scheduling process can account for most variables, but still be agile enough to still work in a customer environment that is dynamic.


Paul Chance, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, NICE

NICE.Paul_Chance.jpg Paul Chance, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, NICE

Paul is a 25+ year veteran of contact center technology and has spoken with contact centers in NA, EMEA and APAC about using technology to reach meet their service goals. He is an avid proponent of customer service and is the author of weekly thought leadership blogs on workforce management.

Ryan C. Romero, Global Portfolio Advisory Consulting, WFO, Value Realization Services, NICE

NICE.Ryan Romero Ryan C. Romero, Global Portfolio Advisory Consulting, WFO, Value Realization Services, NICE

Ryan started his career 1997 as a contact center agent selling outbound long-distance packages for MCI WorldCom. From there, he has held many positions from a coach to CEO. Prior to joining NICE, Ryan spent 10 years with Teleperformance Group leading operations & account management teams for some of the biggest brands. In 2007 he partnered with an executive at JetBlue to start a work at home call center in the BPO space. Since that time, he has helped four different contact centers through various merger & acquisition exits. In 2015 he was the CEO of a 100% virtualized contact center spreading throughout the US and LATAM. Every single employee from a licensed insurance phone agent, to the leadership team worked remotely.