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Alaska Airlines using Aspect® eWorkforce Management™ and an at-home agent program to make its customer service soar


Presented By: Aspect


  • The Problem:
    The Alaska Airlines contact centers manage reservations, flight information and notifications, baggage
    claims and other passenger requests that come from both online and traditional phone interactions. As
    its call volumes continued to increase and the calls themselves became more complex and lengthy, the
    airline recognized that it needed to place an emphasis on retaining the contact center’s knowledgeable
    and skilled agents in order to keep service levels high and improve the average speed of answer.

  • Solution:
    To address employee morale issues, reduce costs and better retain its highly skilled agents, the airline
    explored the possibility of allowing agents to work from home, an option that had been specifically
    requested by the agents. It was expected that an at-home agent set-up would help improve
    absenteeism and attrition, improve productivity, performance and work/life balance. To test this, the
    airline needed to do a pilot program first.

  • Result:
    As a result of the at-home agent initiative and Aspect eWorkforce Management implementation, Alaska
    Airlines is seeing increased productivity and revenue, improved customer service, reduced staffing and
    operations costs, as well as a rapid return on investment. Aspect eWorkforce Management and Aspect
    Spectrum ACD are enabling the company to maximize profits, reduce staffing costs and turnover, deliver
    superior customer service and improve the contact center’s overall performance to better meet the
    company’s business goals. As a result, they made the decision to permanently implement the at-home
    agent program at Alaska Airlines.

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