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Amplience Enables Ecommerce SEO Optimization Following Launch of Google Core Web Vitals


Jessica Mularczyk

Amplience Enables Ecommerce SEO Optimization Following Launch of Google Core Web Vitals

New York & London, August 17, 2021 - Amplience, the leading commerce experience platform for high scale, high growth brands and retailers, is enabling customers to optimize their sites to meet the three new SEO parameters set by Google following the launch of its new algorithm, Core Web Vitals.


Amplience’s Dynamic Media, the headless image and video content management solution, is designed to create impactful experiences across every element of an eCommerce site from the landing page through to product details. Its automated optimization of visual content ensures that retailers deliver the ultimate digital experience to meet the new Core Web Vitals and achieve high Google SEO scores.


Google has placed increased focus on the digital experience with the introduction of its three new parameters. These assess: the time it takes for a website to load the largest image and text in view; the reactivity of a website; and the consistency in how content is displayed.


“By adding additional layers to its SEO ranking algorithm, Google is putting a stake in the ground for what it considers to be a great digital experience,” said James Brooke, founder and CEO at Amplience. “We can help customers to respond to this with our Dynamic Media solution, which uses microservices-based, API-first, cloud native and headless (MACH) technologies to speed up and automate processes, deliver hundreds of transformations to bring experiences to life, unify image and videos with all other content, and automatically deliver images in the format, dimension and pixel density that is fastest and browser perfect.”


In recent months, Amplience has introduced a number of new features that will be instrumental in enabling eCommerce retailers to optimize their websites for SEO. These include Smart Images, which automatically serves up the smallest and most compatible image format based on the browser; Extensions, which includes an image transformation or product selector extension, while also allowing brands to build their own; and Image Recognition, a tool to find, filter and organize images based on particular attributes.


“Technology cannot work in isolation to meet Core Web Vitals, but modern solutions working in tandem with dedicated content management and marketing teams have the power to transform SEO, and, most importantly, deliver outstanding experiences for customers,” James Brooke said.


About Amplience

Amplience powers digital-first brands and retailers with the freedom to do more. Our low-code CMS, DAM and Digital Experience Management platform allows more than 350 of the world’s leading brand teams to manage content, not code. The result is a rapid ROI for our clients who are delivering data and insight-driven customer experiences that drive deeper, more valuable customer relationships. Amplience supports the industry’s transition to Microservice, API-first, Cloud and Headless (MACH) technologies, is MACH certified and an executive member of the MACH Alliance.


For more information on the Amplience platform, including Dynamic Content and Dynamic Media, please visit www.amplience.com.