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About Cognigy

Cognigy is the leading Enterprise Conversational AI technology vendor. With Cognigy.AI, the company has developed a highly flexible Enterprise Conversational AI Platform for customer & employee support process automation. Available in both On-Premises and SaaS, Cognigy.AI enables enterprises to connect to their users on any conversational channel, including chatbots, virtual assistants or phones.

COGNIGY.AI chatbots and virtual assistants communicate effectively and intelligently with customers and employees. Cognigy supports any organization, including service, marketing, sales and HR to create outstanding user experiences, to guarantee 24/7 service and to increase revenue.

The graphical toolset allows both non-technical users and developers to build and manage complex interactions that go far beyond simple FAQs towards automating complex business processes.

Cognigy was recognized as a Cool Vendor in “GARTNER’S COOL VENDOR REPORT IN AI FOR CONVERSATIONAL PLATFORMS”. Its client portfolio includes global clients such as Bosch, Henkel, Salzburg AG and Daimler. For more information visit:


COGNIGY.AI is an enterprise software product that enables the creation, deployment and maintenance of natural language conversational AIs, either in spoken or written form. The framework includes all components necessary to run across channels (such as Facebook, Alexa, Web, VR/AR, embedded), including NLP (Natural Language Processing), NLU (Natural Language Understanding), answer generation (Cognigy Flow Engine), conversation analytics, and interfaces for marketing/communication teams.

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