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About Synthetix

Synthetix has been empowering companies with conversational customer engagement tools, powered by AI since 2001. The leading cloud-based software supports your customers and employees through the power of unified solutions that promote CX. With AI-powered knowledge management, self-service, chatbot and live chat tools that can seamlessly integrate, agents become more productive and customers receive an enhanced, optimised level of customer support and digital experience.

About Knowledge

Knowledge is your company's most valuable asset. An intelligent Knowledge Base can harness that asset, supporting your customers and empowering your agents.

Purpose-built with your users in mind, Knowledge stores all information your customers need and search for, from policies to product details. Integral to CX, an intelligent knowledge base allows customers the freedom to self-serve whilst delivering them great results at their convenience.

Internally, the centralised knowledge base equips your employees with all the knowledge they require to assist customers, enhancing not only the way agents work, but the impact on CSAT.

Knowledge can be seamlessly integrated with your customer service tools to ensure complete coherence of information, even when its updated.

  • Multi-channel - Omni Channel
    • Unified contact channels
  • WEB Capability
    • Web Chat Capability
    • Web Virtual Assistance
    • Web Self - Service
  • Voice of the Customer
    • Customer Journey mapping
    • CSAT/NPS Measurement
  • Performance Management
    • Gamification
  • Quality Monitoring
    • Integrated Reporting
  • Other
    • Knowledge Management
  • Integration
    • Systems Integration
    • CRM Integration

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