TEN DIGIT Communications LLC – TDC Bridge Intelligent Messaging Platform

About TEN DIGIT Communications LLC

TEN DIGIT modernizes business communications for teams and contact centers by enabling business landlines to work like smartphones using its patented platform, TDC BRIDGE. The platform provides a better customer experience, higher agent satisfaction and an increase in productivity through ‘Intelligent Messaging’TM – resulting in Smarter ConversationsTM with your business.

TDC enables business teams to communicate more effectively with smartphone-enabled customers – using text, voice, link/photo sharing capabilities resident on any generic smartphone.

About TDC Bridge Intelligent Messaging Platform

TDC Bridge is a virtual smartphone for employees, accessed through a normal Web browser. This virtual smartphone provides all of the functionality that customers rely on to make conversations easy and fun. By enabling business phone lines to take on the persona of a smartphone, our platform TDC Bridge eliminates the pain of “on-hold”, and IVR, finally solving the call avoidance problem and resulting in smarter conversationsTM. Embracing the functionality of their smartphones, consumers have changed their phone behavior by moving between texting and voice, and sharing information with pictures and links (the Modern Call ModelTM) but businesses haven’t TDC Bridge relies on text first, escalates to voice or video, uses photos, shares links and employs the mobile browser -- thereby optimizing for smartphone functionality without having to install an app.

At the beginning of their work day, enterprise representatives (call center agents) log into the TDC Bridge platform using their web browser to access our proprietary platform. To minimize disruption and avoid long integrations, TDC Bridge connects to the same phone numbers businesses use today.

Conversations start when customers send text messages to the existing business phone number. These conversations are assigned to an agent, and can be transferred to other agents, just like normal phone calls. When customers wish to use voice, agents simply press the call button to instantly initiate a phone call. If a voice call disconnects, the customer or agent simply uses text messaging to coordinate the re-establishment of the call. During the conversation, both customer and agents can send/receive text messages, escalate to a voice or video call, send/receive pictures, and agents can attach and send documents.

TDC Bridge advanced functionality includes discreet and encrypted two-way messaging, escalation to video, integration with company software, language translation, automations, remote wiping through mobile browser, sending pictures, pinning and seamless routing – to name a few.

The TDC Bridge platform: (1) Combines human and artificial intelligence to improve agent timeliness, accuracy and compliance. (2) Drives up to 400% increase in productivity through multiple simultaneous ‘call’, handling, friction-less routing, automations and real-time transcription. (3) Eliminates annoying ‘on-hold’ experience (4) Increases C-SAT through timely interaction, unified authentication/escalation, skills-based routing and experiential learning.

The secret is our patented TDC Bridge Intelligent Messaging Platform which enables agents or business representatives to use text, voice, link/photo sharing to eliminate ‘on-hold’ for their customers. Agents can handle multiple conversations (6 to 10 simultaneous conversations depending on complexity) at once, promoting seamless interaction between platform, agent and customer – reducing dropped or missed calls; improving handling times; minimizing transfers and repetition; and eliminating auto-attendant frustration.

TDC Bridge connects with messaging networks like a traditional phone system connects with trunks. Our intelligent messaging platform supports escalations to voice or video, integrations with company software (“CRM”) and automations with artificial intelligence and the digital workforce. Our patent covers systems designed to create sessions, uniquely identified by the source and destination addresses that can be assigned and ended. In short, it is a Text Branch Exchange (“TextBX”). The platform works with any smartphone without requiring the installation of an app and is built for large population use cases.

Businesses are still reliant upon using traditional voice-centric landline phones but their customers conduct most of their business these days using smartphones. Almost 90 percent of North Americans have a smartphone and voice is no longer the preferred means to initiate a conversation. 89 percent of people want to use SMS texting, chat or social media with businesses – for smarter conversationsTM.

  • ACD
    • Multiple Skill Groups Supported
    • Supervisors Can Log Out Agents Remotely
    • Listen and Monitor Agent Conversations
    • Skill Based Routing
    • Supervisor Can Change Skill Groups
  • CTI
    • Multisite Routing
    • Queue Optimization
    • Screen Pop
    • DeskTop Integration
  • Dialer
    • Outbound Dialer
    • Proactive outbound
    • Outbound Multi Channel Engagement
  • Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) assistance
    • Customer Preference And Behavior Based Menus
    • Speaker Verification
    • Seamless Transfer of customer information from self-service to agent
    • Universal Queueing
    • Real Time Reporting
  • Social Media
    • Threading of Messages
    • Social Media Community
    • Video
  • Multi-channel - Omni Channel
    • Unified contact channels
  • WEB Capability
    • Web Chat Capability
  • Analtyics
    • Desktop Analytics
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Data Driven Design
  • Voice of the Customer
    • Survey Tools
    • Voice of the employee
    • Enterprise feedback management
  • Workforce Management
    • Automated Workflows
    • Support Languages
    • Multi Site Virtual Contact Center
    • Centralized Administration for Multi Site
    • Access by Individual User
    • The Solution Maintains an Audit Trail
    • Account for Holidays, Seasonality
    • Number of Weeks solution can be scheduled ahead of time
    • Support Split shifts
    • Support Agent Preferences/bidding
    • Allow manual manipulation and editing
    • Track and Support historical agent adherence
    • Track and Support real-time agent adherence
  • Performance Management
    • Provide Performance Management Scorecard
    • Implement targets to groups/functions
    • Compare employee performance against peers
    • Help identify strengths and weaknesses
    • Track individuals training requirement
    • Link specific areas of skill development
  • Training and Coaching
    • agent coaching
    • elearning
    • classroom training
  • Quality Monitoring
    • Real-time monitoring of voice and screen
    • Analytics based on keywords or phrases
    • Instantaneous call retrieval
    • Voice and screen saved in standard file formats
    • Calls automatically routed to evaluators
    • Search for call on Ad hoc basis
    • Efficiency in filling out forms
    • Integrated Reporting
    • Multi-site Recording
    • Screen Recording
    • Virtual Contact Center Recording
    • Compliance monitoring
  • Language Capabilities
    • Multi Language Capabilities
    • Multi Language Machine Translation
    • Multi-Language Translation Services
    • Multi Lingual text analysis
  • BPO
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • BPO Chat
    • BPO Onshore
    • BPO Offshore
    • Virtual agent recruitment/staffing
  • Other
    • Sales force automation
    • Toll Free Numbers
  • Chat
    • SMS/Text
    • Facebook Chat
  • Number of Agents
    • 1 - 50 Agents
    • 51 - 150 Agents
    • 151 - 250 Agents
    • 251 - 500 Agents
    • 501 - 1000 Agents
    • Over 1000 Agents
  • Integration
    • Systems Integration
    • CRM Integration
    • Salesforce Integration
    • Microsoft Integration
    • SugarCRM Integration
    • Front and Back Office Integration
    • Other Consulting Services
    • Data Recovery Services

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