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Aramex Taps on Amazon Connect to Launch Contact Center in 7 Days, 20X Faster than Legacy Solution

Amazon Connect

Presented By: Amazon Connect


  • The Problem:
    In 2016, Aramex, a global provider of logistics and transportation solutions, expanded its reach through acquisitions in Australia and New Zealand, and embarked on a journey to establish a global shared services team to centralize its contact center and customer service operations from its office in Amman, Jordan. They had built an open-source contact center in the past, and it served them well for many years, but it was not user-friendly, and required in-house technical expertise to manage. Additionally, migrating the contact centers of their recent acquisitions to their in-house system would have taken considerable time, effort, and resources.

  • Solution:
    Aramex was familiar with Amazon Connect, having used it in two other regions prior to introducing it in Australia and New Zealand. Their past experience was Amazon Connect as their self-service contact center solution, along with the ease in set up for 30 regional franchises and over 800 franchise partners, made Amazon Connect the clear choice for the Asia Pacific region as well.

  • Result:

    Aramex deployed Amazon Connect in less than a week, 20 times faster than it would have taken to set up its legacy contact center. And once deployed, Aramex achieved a 27% reduction in latency, and hasn’t experienced any downtime or received any reports of poor call quality.