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There’s No Need to Compromise When Moving to the Cloud

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are beginning to understand that the era of the connected customer is upon us. As technology becomes a larger part of our everyday lives, customers now have access to an increasing amount of channels. According to the Total Economic Impact Report of NICE inContact CXone by Forrester Group, “It is vital that enterprises have the ability to scale according to need, be driven by data, and proactively interact with customers on any channel.”   

Customers with more channels, knowledge, and digital experience have high expectations from the organizations they choose to connect with and organizations need the right infrastructure to keep up with these changing customer experience landscapes.  

Increased customer connectivity has led to the need for seamless, cohesive solutions that create a holistic customer experience.  

As organizations look forward to tackle the increase in customer engagement complexity, an increasing amount of organizations are turning to the powerful touch of cloud customer experience to avoid customer attrition and achieve new levels of customer experience.  

When moving your contact center to a cloud platform, there are multiple factors to consider to be adequately equipped to seamlessly receive, respond, and react to customer needs on one unified and complete platform.  

Don’t compromise with old generation platforms. Moving to the cloud means adopting new systems and methods for customer experience - and leaving outdated platforms behind. Older platforms are incapable of providing the functionality necessary to support growth, change, and interaction between different departments, solutions, and customers. A cloud platform has the full range of benefits and communication channels that are necessary to meet the needs of rising customer experience standards in contact centers.   

Don’t compromise on scalability. In the cloud, the sky is truly the limit. Full scalability is fundamental for organizations and enterprises in order to respond effectively to the changing landscapes of customer experiences. The elasticity of a cloud platform allows you to scale up and down, as your business needs change, with no interference to your business processes.  

Don’t compromise on the real thing. Cloud software should be just that - solutions built precisely for optimized cloud usage. A strategic move to a cloud native platform is essential for organizations that want full implementation and integration of cloud features that work seamlessly together to interconnect all customer experience processes within the cloud. In order to react efficiently to customers and offer streamlined experiences, cloud infrastructure should be unified and built for cloud.   

Don’t compromise on a platform that adapts quickly to your needs. Organizations need solutions that can keep up with changes that need to be made - internally and externally. The changing reality of contact centers results in numerous systems, channel interactions, employee and customer needs, etc. By moving to a cloud-based platform, organizations can utilize the quick adaptability and automated processes that the cloud offers with little to no deterrence to productivity whether you add 500 new seats or if there’s a malfunction in a singular system.  

Don’t compromise on a unified platform throughout your organization. Integrating and onboarding different software solutions and service providers for separate needs should be a thing of the past. In order to avoid any lapse in customer retention and experience, your organization needs to function as one holistic system by migrating to one unified cloud platform. The seamless communication that a unified cloud platform offers results in increased productivity, compliance, and customer satisfaction.   

Don’t compromise on functionality. By moving to the cloud, organizations have the advantage of a complete set of cloud contact center solutions. The centralization of cloud elements under one platform combines the capabilities of cloud features for full flexibility between channels and departments, information flow, and cohesive customer experience.   

The cloud is not the future - it’s the present.  

CXone, the only fully-integrated and open cloud contact center platform, combines the industry’s leading omnichannel routing with the foremost technologies to be the world’s leading customer experience platform. The cloud-based platform unites contact centers with a complete enterprise-grade suite which includes best-of-breed CX applications including: omnichannel routing, analytics, artificial intelligence, and workforce optimization. As customer experience expectations increase, it is important to equally be available to your customers and respond effectively for the overall success of your organization.   

A migration to the cloud will prove to be a smart decision for organizations moving forward. NICE inContact CXone offers an easy and flexible way to transition to a cloud customer experience platform. Based on your pace and business needs, the shift is gradual and is guided by phases that result in a full cloud migration. A concluded transition will result in a full range of benefits and scalability to better respond to customers' needs.

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