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StataPile Executive Interview

Riley Clegg, VP of Sales, StataPile

StataPile Employs AI to Analyze Every Call and Determine How Well Agents Follow Procedures  

The song reflects a simple philosophy, but the lyrics have endured since Johnny Mercer first sang them over 70 years ago (and countless other artists since):

You've got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative

Don’t mess with Mr. In-Between 

The message still resonates in today’s contact center. What a company needs to do to dramatically boost its customer satisfaction rating is to put …and keep… its agents on track and ensure their remarks are consistently positive.

Sounds so easy, right? But while any business can update its scripts and train its agents, the tricky part is assessing customer communications to see how well the positive statements are performing and pinpoint any existing weak spots. And that’s where StataPile comes in.

The Chicago-based solution provider offers artificial intelligence and speech analytics software that can easily analyze all calls. With this technology in place, both managers and agents receive regular updates on performance to determine best practices and help fine-tune success.

“We’ve built an AI model using neural networks, machine learning and natural language processing,” said Riley Clegg, VP of Sales for StataPile. “Our approach is a bit different.  We don’t use keywords and key phrases, we use examples. We train the AI just like you would train a person. For example, if you were going to teach a child the difference between a dog and a wolf, you’d show it a hundred pictures of each species, so it could learn to distinguish which was which. We’re essentially doing the same thing with customer phone calls, text messages, emails, survey responses and chats.  We give the AI examples: for a sales call we provide examples of customers looking for products; for a service call, we provide examples of customers looking to resolve issues.  Based on these examples, the AI is able to learn within 30 days to a 92% accuracy rate. In addition, it continues to learn more over time.”

The examples are derived from assessing the contact center’s processes and past communications. StataPile uses each individual customer’s data but also provides industry-specific templates, considering nuances of particular verticals in the output. The proprietary program was built in-house.  StataPile can provide call recording and screen recording capabilities if needed.

Once connected, calls flow in over an activity log. Within that function, a company can customize for its own needs, such as changing the date range to look for specific interactions—calls, texts, etc. Data can also be filtered by individual employees or by customers and can be linked to a business’s CRM to see how often someone might be calling or what topics they are calling about.  Companies can build out their own extensions, whether by teams, business units or geographic regions. Transcription capabilities also allow users to search by keywords and show all instances where the chosen word was used. Categories chosen by users can be populated on the scorecard to show trends.

The platform is PCI and HIPAA compliant, with any sensitive information, such as social security or credit card number, automatically redacted from a reviewed phone call.  Non-compliant calls are automatically flagged and sent to a supervisor.

According to Clegg, the log automatically shows which procedures or positive statements were done correctly or incorrectly with green and red dots. The scorecard calculates the employee’s adherence level and delivers an effectiveness score. It shows which procedures or suggested phrases are being done correctly across the employee universe. While supervisor training is offered, StataPile provides easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials.

StataPile's AI automatically identifies: The specific phrasing that results in the most successful interactions ● The first-call resolution rate ● The procedures that agents skip ● The number of opportunities each agent closes and the number of opportunities each agent loses and reasons why.

The platform enables companies to access data that is often siloed, allowing them to evaluate the performance of a region or group as well as drill down to look at the effectiveness of individual agents. Monthly, weekly or daily emails can be distributed to agents to advise them as to their performance, pointing out what was done correctly and advising them where they need improvement. The system shows trends, looks at parameters such as average handle time (AHT) and most importantly, measures the effect that improved adherence to procedures is having on overall corporate goals. 

StataPile currently works with a number of Fortune 500 companies. More than 1000 customers are using their services in a variety of verticals, including BPOs, collections, energy and utilities, finance and banking, healthcare, education, insurance and more.