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Pause and Resume Call Recording


Presented By: PCI Pal

One of the primary challenges inherent in managing contact centers is ensuring compliance with data security regulations.

With recent security breaches attracting fines of multiple millions of dollars and recent legislation exposing businesses to state as well as individual suits (the recent example of Massachusetts vs. Equifax being one example), the penalties for non-compliance increase dramatically with the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as of May 2018.

Although Pause & Resume call recording has long been used to mitigate the risks inherent in contact center payments, the ‘solution’ is not the failsafe it is often seen as, and does not ensure PCI DSS compliance. In fact, using outdated compensating controls such as Pause & Resume call recording has the potential to leave your business vulnerable to expensive security breaches. The average breach costs $3.62 million. Could your business afford this bill?

This whitepaper discusses why businesses need to utilize technology that protects against data breaches. DOWNLOAD NOW