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How Shellpoint Mortgage Enhances CX Performance with Speech Analytics


Presented By: CallMiner

Live Date: September 9, 2020. PLEASE SIGN IN FOR THE RECORDING.

Speakers: Patrick Landis, Director of Quality Control,

Jeremy Schaffer, Quality & Speech Analyst and

Carlo Santana, Quality & Speech Analyst, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, and

Brian LaRoche, Outreach Marketing, CallMiner

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About the Webcast

Financial service organizations have three goals during every customer interaction:  

  • Create a positive customer experience
  • Achieve the desired ideal business outcome
  • Maintain regulatory compliance while doing the above

Join a panel from Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing as they share how SMS has successfully implemented and evolved their speech analytics program to achieve all three of the objectives above. 

In this webinar – you’ll learn how:  

  • Speech analytics works
  • Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing uses their agent performance feedback system
  • Speech analytics is becoming a vital tool for measuring organizational performance

Join us as we discuss new, creative ways to use speech analytics to help meet your objectives.


      About the Presenters

      Brian LaRoche, Director, Outreach Marketing, CallMiner

      Brian LaRoche is responsible for direct and channel outbound marketing programs for CallMiner.  In addition to his marketing responsibilities he is the host and moderator of CallMiner’s popular Monthly Education Webinar series. LaRoche, a call center industry veteran, is a frequent guest speaker, panelist and guest columnist on a number of technical, collections, sales, customer service and leadership topics related to the analytics field.

      Jeremy Schaffer, Speech Analytics - Analyst, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

      Jeremy is responsible for front end maintenance as well as search and category builds at ShellPoint Mortgage Servicing. He also functions as a liaison, gathering requirements for future builds from current business partners and introducing CallMiner to new ones.

      Patrick Landis, Director of Quality Control, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

      With 20 years of mortgage servicing industry experience and over 10 years specifically to Quality Control and Compliance, Patrick Landis has been directing Call Miner operations at Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing since its inception in 2018.

      Carlo Santana, Quality & Speech Analyst, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

      Carlo has been with Shellpoint Mortgage for 4 months as a speech analyst. Prior to joining Shellpoint, Carlo was in quality assurance at another organization where he had his first introduction to CallMiner and transitioned to a speech analyst role.  He is BIA and BIA+ certified.