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Workforce optimization software can help companies of all sizes improve best practices and achieve significant improvements in service quality and operational efficiency. These solutions also aim to improve service delivery, lower operating costs and increase overall agent retention.

One fundamental necessity of effectively managing your service workforce includes the forecasting of contact patterns using historical data. Many systems also offer an expanded range of features including skill-based and multimedia scheduling, intra-day reporting, agent self-service capabilities, schedule monitoring and time-off administration.


Below, you'll find white papers on workforce management, workforce performance management, and workforce optimization. You'll also find white papers that offer additional solutions to help you more effectively manage your contact centers. Be sure to check back often, as this section is updated regularly.


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Workforce Management

  • Digital Channel Management for WFM for Dummies
    — Presented By: NICE

    Digital Channel Management for WFM for Dummies, NICE Special Edition, will give you the latest insights into how to integrate the expanding array of digital channels to optimize your workforce management (WFM).

  • Digital Channel Management for Workforce Management
    — Presented By: NICE

    In this ebook, we’ll address why digital changes everything, dive into the unique nature of digital channels and the controls needed, and detail how WFM must evolve as a result.

  • Delivering Speed, Intelligence and Flexibility for an Improved Customer Experience
    — Presented By: Amazon Connect

    Through a series of customer interviews and data aggregation, Forrester concluded that the three-year financial impact of switching to Amazon Connect helps the average customer with significant costs savings, increased income, and improved agent productivity.

  • The Work From Home Supervisor
    — Presented By: CallMiner

    Learn how speech analytics can improve remote agent management, coaching and decision making.

  • A Guide to Get Real About Coaching Agents
    — Presented By: Sharpen

    Sharpen Technologies has created a guide which provides real, actionable ways to improve your coaching skills. Implement them today to grow your team's efficiency, effectiveness, and empowerment.

  • Tackle the Issue of Unpredictable Customer Traffic
    — Presented By: NICE

    Download this white paper to read how NICE WFM 7.0, forecasting with Artificial Intelligence, gives you unparalleled flexibility that can take your workforce management solution to the next level.

  • Pipkins Forecasting Case Study: Data and Forecasting Analysis
    — Presented By: Pipkins, Inc.

    All call centers are unique when considering historical data. In order to determine whether forecasting directives are required and if so, which ones, it is necessary to consider the nature of the historical data. If the forecasting tool is to make the best predictions, an analysis of the historical data is recommended. This case study is a summary of the key steps in this process.